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My Story

Welcome!  In 2017, I had my 3rd daughter.  She was an infant in her highchair when I was cleaning it and getting ready to put fresh cut strawberries down.  I used a disinfectant wipe, thinking I was doing a world of good by disinfecting her highchair.  At that very second something stopped me dead in my tracks.  I thought about how the strawberries were going to absorb the chemicals I just put all over her highchair.  I set out on a mission to do better.  I researched, I tried different products, I asked questions.  I went down a rabbit hole, really.  And I didn't like what I found!  Large companies have a really strong marketing game.  They lead us to believe that things might be "clean", or "safe", when they are not.  My spiral to find clean products led me to essential oils.  I had never used them, I knew nothing about them.  But, what did I have to lose?  I did more research and very slowly began switching out conventional household products and cleaners.  I started to clean my floors with vinegar instead of chemicals.  Then I got fancy and would add oils like lemon or lavender so that the house smelled nice.  Then I learned that using lavender or lemon (or any oil) because they smelled good, was actually just scratching the surface.  Every single oil has their very own health benefits.  That blew my mind and led me to learn everything I could about how and why the oils work.  I became a Certified Aromatherapist.  I wanted to learn it all, and I wanted to be able to explain it to others.  Fast forward nearly 5 years and I am still working as a nurse, and now as a Certified Aromatherapist too!  This journey has sparked a fire in me.  I started telling people about the oils I was using for different things, or the products in my home that I have switched out for the plant based version...  Others had the same wants and desires - a healthy self and family, and a home without chemicals.  My creation of these custom aromatherapy blends and products means that someone else now has less chemicals in their home, more tools in their wellness cabinets, and are getting health benefits they never even knew they could get!

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